The Chronicles of the Virgin Asahi

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Title: The Chronicles of the Virgin Asahi
Author(s): Ellessey
Date(s): November 19 2016 - February 2 2017
Length: 88k+ words
Genre: College AU
Fandom: Haikyuu
External Links: on AO3

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The Chronicles of the Virgin Asahi by Ellessey is a AsaNoya Haikyuu fanfiction.


'“Doing okay?” Suga asks. “You make plans with that guy? You still haven't told me his name.”

“Noya,” Asahi tells him. “Nishinoya Yuu.”

Suga smiles and Asahi knows he picked up on everything that was in his voice as those syllables moved softly over his tongue. “Cute name,” he says. “Maybe worth falling for, huh?”

Asahi doesn't miss the double meaning in his friend’s words, and he doesn't say no.'


Asahi wants the earth to swallow him whole when he accidentally crashes into tiny Nishinoya Yuu while riding his bike. He remains unsure of his stance on disappearing off the face of the planet after Noya asks him out on a date. But with the (somewhat aggressive) encouragement of his best friends/roommates, Asahi takes one small step forward, and soon finds himself doing a lot less hiding and a lot more living than he ever thought he could.


As of April 2019 the work has over 4,300 2,200 kudos and over 500 bookmarks on AO3.


Reviews & Recs

This fic kind of swooped onto the scene a couple months ago and I’m astonished at the rate that it updated. It was a fun ride to watch the meet-cute premise develop into a full blown twoo wuv relationship. [1]


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