The Cable & Deadpool Yuletide Special

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Title: The Cable & Deadpool Yuletide Special
Author(s): David Hines
Date(s): 2009
Length: 10407
Genre: gen crossover
Fandom: Deadpool
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The Cable & Deadpool Yuletide Special is a gen Deadpool and Cable fic written for Yuletide 2009 by David Hines (Hradzka).It became one of the most widely recced stories for that year and is notable for breaking the fourth wall, referencing Yuletide and notable stories from previous challenges.

...summary? Is that like a recap page? Huh. Okay. I'm Deadpool, the Merc with a Mouth. You may remember me from such comics as "Deadpool," "Deadpool," and "Cable & Deadpool," and from my brief appearance in Wolverine's first solo movie, which for now makes me Marvel's latest license to print money -- thank you, Ryan Reynolds. Anyway, now I'm in a Yuletide story, so join me and my buddy Nate Summers, aka Cable, for wacky hijinks and reality-hopping adventure. Say hi to the fangirls, Nate.

"Wade? Who are you talking to?"

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Reactions and Reviews

Fresh from this year's Yuletide exchange, only a little late for Christmas, and suitably themed to boot. This is utter crack, in which Cable and Deadpool go in a fourth-wall-breaking journey through assorted fic from the Yuletide archives of previous years in search of a Merry Christmas, and the result is every bit as much fun as it sounds. Written in first person from Deadpool's POV - pretty rare in fandom, but beautifully executed here.[1]
This fic is just. so. brilliant. If you couldn't tell from the summary it's funny and meta and crosses over with several other Yuletide stories. Deadpool really just wanted a nice Christmas, guys. It's not his fault neither he nor Cable actually knows what Yuletide - the internet version - actually is.
Warnings: somewhat slashy subtext, Care Bears. [2]
Raise your hand if you love Yuletide! It's been a fanfic tradtion for, what, a decade now? Well, this story was written in 2009 for Yuletide and it's about a story being written in 2009 for Yuletide... yeah. Deadpool is in it. Thus, the 4th Wall is not only broken, but OBLITERATED and then scattered beyond the fringes of the nastiest corners of the internet.
Deadpool and Cable make their way through the Yuletide archive, visiting a (rather infamous) story from each year in search of a perfect Christmas. It is not only meta, it's nostalgic meta and the end is very touching. This is on my HIGHLY recommended list for anyone, even people who are not really fans of Cable and Deadpool.[3]


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