The Break-Even Point

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Title: The Break-Even Point
Author(s): faye_dartmouth
Date(s): 28 January 2011
Genre: same-actor crossover
Fandom: Hawaii Five-0, Ocean's 11
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The Break-Even Point is a Hawaii Five-0/Ocean's 11 story by faye_dartmouth.

Summary: Turk knows that reality is mostly perception, and the fact is he doesn't know how to separate Danny Williams from Turk Malloy anymore. The lines are blurred and the guise is deeper than the reality. He's not one or the other, but he's a little of both.

Author's notes:
This is really not my fault. This plot bunny was given to me by moogsthewriter who somehow managed to coerce me into writing this. The entire concept bridges Scott Caan's character in the Ocean's Eleven franchise with Danny Williams. Therefore, this starts with Turk Malloy and shows his transition into the Danny Williams we know and love on H50. Basic familiarity with Oceans will probably be necessary to appreciate this fic, but you by no means have to be the fanatic that moogsthewriter and I seem to be :) As for the basic timeline to get started, this fic picks up after the events of Oceans 12 and spans the time until Turk/Danny leaves for Hawaii (which means that yes, the events of Ocean 13 are covered in this fic). Because of this, there are a variety of characters from the Oceans franchise that make appearances and Rachel and Grace show up along with some OCs, but none of the other H50 team is in this.

There is an follow up fic to this story called Tell the Truth (but tell it slant) by moogsthewriter.

Recs and Reviews

Hawaii Five-0/Ocean's 11, Adult, long === Pre-series H50, O11/O12/O13. How Turk Malloy became Danny Williams, with a sequel addressing the missing $10 million from the vault. It'll probably help if you've seen the Ocean's movies, but if you have, this is awesome fun, with a solid foundation and great characterization under it all.[1]


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