The Boy Can't Help It

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Title: The Boy Can't Help It
Creator: Kendra Hunter and Diana Barbour
Date: 1980
Format: VCR
Music: "The Boy Can't Help It" by Bonnie Raitt
Fandom: Starsky & Hutch

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The Boy Can't Help It is the fourth Starsky & Hutch vid created. It was made by Kendra Hunter and Diana Barbour.

It was shown at Vividcon in 2008 as part of a vidding panel by Kandy Fong and Sandy Hereld.

This vid was the first to use scenes from different episodes, and the first to use credits.

From Morgan Dawn's notes:
Kendra and Diana found a friend with nice handwriting, and used a camera for the credits. Franny, Terry A, Pat H, and Carol H helped them with source material and song choices. But, none of their friends knew exactly what Kendra and Diana were doing. They made 20 songs videos by Z-Con 2, in the Fall of 1980. They carefully put the gen on one tape and the 'underground' slash on a different tape. The night before the con, Diana decide that they needed more credits. By now, they had found out that if one picture was paused, then the action scene they edited after it looked okay. Diana and Kendra spent the con inviting people into their room to share their *crack* i.e. vids. They blew everyone away - no one had seen anything like that. They spent the whole con showing their work over and over, and explaining how they did it. [1]

Credit Sequence

Unlike most credits which only appear at the beginning and the end of the song, The Boy Can't Help It's credits were interspersed with clips from the show, essentially allowing the vid makers to "talk" to their audience on a meta level. Some of the credits are clearly in-jokes. The vid ends with a repeated clip of Starsky butt dancing that lasts many many seconds.

  • "Credits"
  • "Apologies for ROCK. Terry said NO! Kendra said, yes, then No, and Diana...."
  • "cut in the Hutch Patch"
  • "The V.T.R.s Peter/Charlie/Saucy"
  • "Producer: Kendra Hunter. Executive Producer: Diana Barbour"
  • "Conceived & Executed by Terry Adams"
  • "Thanks for the Songs and Scenes to Melanie R. and Carol Huffman"
  • "The Boy courtesy of PMG"


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