The Book of Love

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Title: The Book of Love
Creator: such_heights
Date: 06 December 2008
Format: digital vid
Length: 1:33 min
Music: The Book Of Love by The Magnetic Fields
Genre: femslash vid
Fandom: Merlin
Footage: through 1x10
URL: The Book of Love (LiveJournal)

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The Book of Love is a Gwen/Morgana vid by such_heights (1:33 min).

Summary: The book of love is long and boring, but I love it when you read to me.

The vid was a nominee in the 2008 Camelot Music Video Awards in the category 'Morgana/Gwen'. Recs describe it as "sweet and romantic, just like Morgana and Gwen. Also, PRETTY."[1]


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