The Bond (Star Trek: TOS story by Debbie Cummins)

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K/S Fanfiction
Title: The Bond
Author(s): Debbie Cummins
Date(s): 1987
Genre: slash
Fandom: Star Trek: The Original Series
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The Bond is a Kirk/Spock story by Debbie Cummins.

It was published in the print zine Naked Times #14.


"Kirk is unwilling to bond with Spock out of fear of shortening Spockʼs life should Kirk die first."

Reactions and Reviews

Drop-dead romance from an author whose works I have always searched for and enjoyed. An author who is known more for action and plot than detailed intimacy. But here, she succeeds wonderfully with a simple story that concentrates on Kirk and Spock's feelings. As the subplot, perfect "series feel" as the Enterprise is ordered to a planet to negotiate for a vital mineral resource. Try this on for size: "At the sound, Spock's eyes filled with pleasure. 'You have bewitched me,' Kirk opened his eyes. 'Black magic, Spock? Very unscientific.' 'Nevertheless...' Spock turned him around, holding his face between his hands. 'You have bewitched me. A minute does not go by that I do not think of you. " Wow.

Spock wants to bond with Kirk who won't because, as he claims, he could die before Spock. Shorter human lifespan notwithstanding. Kirk could die first in the line of duty ...

In rejecting the sexual advances of the leader's daughter, Spock is imprisoned and tortured.

I loved the subtle through-line theme of the bond. At one point. Kirk realizes that if he had allowed Spock to link them, he would be able to prove to Starfleet that Spock was in danger. And, of course, I just adored that despite all odds and reasons. Kirk goes to rescue Spock!

Another marvelous and inventive story from one of my favorite K/S authors. [1]

This begins like a warm spring day. Slowly, inviting relaxation and contemplation.

Kirk, entering his cabin after shift, is contemplating his meditating lover, wondering (in the true sense of the word "wonder" how he ever lived without his gentle Vulcan. I am drawn, helplessly, into the mood.

Kirk and Spock have achieved a comfort with each other that envelops the reader a s it envelopes them, and yet there is an overwhelming sense of anticipation with everyword and every breath. I lovethe ease with which they touch. Nothing here was hurried or contrived—and it was incredibly sexy!

There is a disparaging note in that Kirk is saying "no" to their being bonded. He cannot, he says, risk the bond causing his friend's death should something befall him.

Nothing lasts forever, and this idyllic mood was first interrupted, then shattered by a diplomatic mission gone wrong. Spock, having offended the planetary leader by refusing the attentions of his daughter, is imprisoned and tortured. Unfortunately for the sensitive reader, he was veryconvincinglytortured.Hisagonyisaswelldescribed as his passion. Ifs difficult to ignore pain when it is this clearly defined. I was truly anxious for it to end.

Not nearly as much so as Kirk, whose own agony is in not knowing what is happening to the love of his life. He's pacified, told no harm is coming to the Vulcan. But he feels differently. And he is haunted by the knowledge the Bond would have made the difference. Not only would it have allowed him to know Spock's physical state, 'Fleet would have accepted that knowledge transmitted through the bond as proof of the First Officer's situation. They would have sent in a rescue party. But the Bond did not exist. Kirk knows true helplessness.

Rescue is affected, and a truly wrenching sickbay vigil results. Yes, the phrase "they lived happily ever after" applies here, but, except for the beginning, this is no fairy tale. It is an exceptional read and well worth a dive into K/S Archives! [2]


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