The Best of DIAL 1997-2002

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Title: The Best of DIAL 1997-2002
Publisher: S.W.
Date(s): 2003
Medium: print
Fandom: The Professionals
Language: English
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The Best of DIAL 1997-2002 is a collection of stories from issues of the letterzine Discovered in a Letterbox (DIAL) and was published as a thank you to subscribers when the letterzine ceased publication.

cover, photocopy
From the editorial:
Welcome to a feast of DIAL fiction - the best of all the stories published in the letterzine under mine and Jilly's regimes (that's the first issue through to no. 24). It was a very difficult job to select my favourites, as I kept remembering ones I'd overlooked, but a highly enjoyable one. What a strain, having to re-read all those lovely stories! In the end, though, I settled on what I think are the creme de la creme. For reasons of space, I limited the selection to one story per writer. This meant leaving out Kitty Fisher's fantastic Monopoly... And I hated having to leave out Cassie Ingaben's wonderfully bonkers Red Christmas, purely for reasons of length. I also omitted The Hag's Glenmorangie, as it's appeared elsewhere in a print zine. Many, many thanks to all the writers for their outstanding efforts. And humungous thanks to Sue and her super-whizzo scanner for scanning in the older stories. A few points before you settle down with tea and biccies to indulge -.. The stories have not been re-edited. They are reproduced exactly as they were used originally. Two of the pieces aren't strictly stories, but there was no way I was leaving out Jess's hilarious endings to The Pillory and the Beautiful Bodie saga! Finally, overseas subscribers may scratch their heads and look a little bemused when they arrive at Joan's very wonderful CI-Five story. This is a wonderful parody of a series of children's books by Enid Blyton, which featured five youngsters - Julian (the sensible oldest one), Dick (the faindy boring one!), Anne (the girlie-girl), George (the tomboy) and Timmy the dog. The idea started way back in issue three, when readers were discussing the stories they wanted to read. It's certainly a Pros crossover with a difference, and one of my all-time favourite stories!

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