Discovered in a Garage

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Bodie/Doyle Fanfiction
Title: Discovered in a Garage
Author(s): Castalia
Date(s): 2002
Length: 1550 words
Genre: slash
Fandom: The Professionals
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Discovered in a Garage is a Bodie/Doyle story by Castalia.

It was published in Discovered in a Letterbox #22, The Best of DIAL, and is online.

Reactions and Reviews

Many of the most satisfying third-party viewpoint stories tell us something about the observer as well as the observed, giving us a glimpse of how the observation itself is meaningful to the one who witnesses. This story is a lovely example of this type. The observer is an OC employee of CI5. He's an elderly man who sees a revealing moment between Bodie and Doyle at a point when his own life is about to undergo a great change. He takes into that change his response to B/D. Castalia has a knack I admire for communicating a lot in few words and sparse imagery; that's one of the elements I like about this story as well as much of her other short fiction.[1]


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