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K/S Fanfiction
Title: The Author
Author(s): Leigh Biedeaux
Date(s): 1987
Genre: slash
Fandom: Star Trek: The Original Series
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The Author is a Kirk/Spock story by Leigh Biedeaux.

It was published in the print zine Way of the Warrior #1.


"Kirk is determined to win first place in a writing contest and the prize, a 1st edition of Mary Renaultʼs Fire from Heaven, that reminds him of what he wants with Spock."

Reactions and Reviews

The final story is ‘The Author.’ This is an endearing tale where Spock secretly tries to help Kirk write a male-to-male love scene for a story contest. One of the prizes is a book (‘Fire from Heaven’ by Mary Renault) that Kirk has wanted for a long time. I think it unlikely that a book as valuable as Kirk claims this one is would be offered in an intra-ship writing contest, but that is a minor complaint, and I found the story to be pleasant, touching and a light-hearted read. [1]
The funniest part of this was Spock's first attempts at writing vivid sex scenes. It was also amusing that the writing contest started with a paragraph from another— very different— story in WOTW. And I liked the idea of Spock's bed check on Kirk. When the story turned all serious, I was a little unprepared, though I thought the last line was good. One thing that wasn't there, and that would be hard to write but fun to read, was Kirk's pathetic attempt at a sex scene. At least a few lines of it. [2]
A very interesting and believable story. It's always enjoyable to see some "homey" parts of life aboard the Enterprise, the various hobbies and off-duty diversions. I think there would definitely be a ship's paper, and the writing contest was a natural for it. Spock's first efforts at writing the scene were so hilarious and so Spock! I love the thought that he would even try to do something like that - just to make Kirk happy. [3]
This is a very unusual first time story with a nice glimpse of life on the Enterprise along the way. Basically, it revolves around Kirk trying to write a love scene between two men as an entry into a writing competition for the starship’s equivalent of a newsletter.

The reason for this somewhat atypical behaviour is that Kirk is desperate to win the first prize - an original book about an historical figure he is very interested in. This author describes the process of trying to write something Kirk finds very difficult so well, they must have experienced similar problems themselves!

Of course, Spock picks up on Kirk’s preoccupation with this task, and decides to lend a hand by writing and submitting a story himself in the hopes he will win if Kirk does not and he will then be able to present Kirk with the book he wants as a gift, but he too finds it very hard to write a sexually explicit encounter between two men - until he decides to satisfy his curiosity and reads the book which Kirk is so interested in for himself. Once he does so and realises why Kirk wants the book and notices the parallels between himself and the characters in the book he is suddenly able to acknowledge his own feelings for Kirk and is then able to imagine an encounter between them and transfer this information into a fictional account for the purposes of the competition – but you’ll have to read it for yourselves to find out what happens next! [4]
'The Author' is a humorous piece of good writing and shows us a Kirk that can't do everything. It's a great change of pace. [5]
It seems that every fiction writer and every poet eventually gets around to writing a story that somehow incorporates the theme: How am I going to fill this blank page? This story asks that question in a way that might have been cute and even a little silly, but instead it's quite moving by the end.

The Enterprise's newspaper is having a contest. One of the prizes is an original edition of Fire From Heaven by Mary Renault that Kirk really, really wants. So he tries to win the contest by writing a short story that includes the required paragraph, which clearly involves a sexual assignation between a king and a royal guard, both male.

The story is told from Spock's pov as he witnesses Kirk's struggles, with McCoy's interested commentary as accent. The doctor eventually reads the book (it's available via the ship's computer, and of course Kirk has read it, he just doesn't own it in print form) and he tells Kirk that he understands why he wants it.

"Spock is your Hephaistion, isn't he?"

Seeing the caring behind the question which he realized McCoy already knew the answer to, Kirk simply murmured, "I wish."

This conversation takes place in the rec room while Spock is away replenishing Kirk'scoffee cup, but he hears it. Slowly he comes to the realization that Kirk might, might possibly be wishing for an intimate relationship with him, something he also comes to realize he wants. And that's what gives him the impetus to do what Kirk has given up trying to do (McCoy tells his captain: "We all have different talents, Jim. It's no disgrace that you're better at commanding a starship than writing a love scene.") Spock takes his desire for Kirk in the midnight hours and turns it into a suitable expression of love on the printed page.

This story has such a sweet ending as Spock hands his captain the book he has won for him. You know what will happen next, a love scene that we all wish we could write! [6]
'The Author' by Leigh Biedeaux is a funny tale that turns solemn. Spock's first terrible attempt to write a sex scene is perfect—when it comes to the climax, he lapses completely into the passive voice! [7]


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