The Allspark

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Name: The Allspark
Dates: 1999 - present
Type: News, review and community site
Fandom: Transformers
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The Allspark is a Transformers community run by fan Greg Kuhn. It includes a news section, reviews, archives of translated Japanese manga, and a forum with just under 8,800 members as of October 2011. The forums also provides subforums for two other Transformers sites, and Dave's Transformers Page. The site also publishes a regular fanzine, the Allspark Insider, which is produced as a PDF on the forum.

A mass exodus of users from in 1999 resulted in the creation of The Allspark as an ezboard forum. In 2001, the community moved to an independent domain,, where it has been since.

Since 2010, the site has run an annual charity collection, with the proceeds going to Hasbro Children's Hospital.