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Name: TheRealGonZoldyck
Alias(es): therealgonzoldyck, Jamie, GeekChic89
Type: writer
Fandoms: Hunter x Hunter
URL: AO3, Tumblr
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TheRealGonZoldyck was a fan who published popular KilluGon fanfiction. In 2016 she was exposed as a serial plagiarizer of fic from other fandoms.

TheRealGonZoldyck deleted the fics and her accounts on Tumblr and Archive of Our Own after she was found out. After this, when some wondered why she had disappeared, other fans on Tumblr wrote callout posts explaining how she had copied fanfic from different fandoms like One Direction RPF and BBC Sherlock and simply replaced the characters' names. A partial list of her fics and the original fics she plagiarized can be found in the callouts.

TheRealGonZoldyck was popular in HXH fandom on Tumblr. The fics she published received fanart, and some felt disappointed that their friendships with her were ended.[1]

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