That Summer

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Title: That Summer
Author(s): Janet Ellicott
Cover Artist(s):
Series?: yes
Medium: print
Fandom: Arthurian Legend
Language: English
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That Summer is an Arthurian Legend 186-page novel by Janet Ellicott. It is part of the series "The Future King."

Summary from a flyer: "For a prince born in the fifth century and educated in the twentieth, a huge gulf yawns between him and the father whose ideas of life are still strictly fifth century. The race is on to acclimatise the King to our century before the news of his awakening breaks. And the people of the 20th century are cynical, unlikely to believe in magic unless something truly spectacular happens. Meanwhile, Philippa discovers the centuries old secret of her family, and learns that her destiny has always been with the Pendragons"

"The Future King" series is set in the late 20th and early 21st century, in a world very similar to our own, but where King Arthur and his knights have woken from their long sleep. The author notes that this series is largely gen with some very mild heterosexual scenes. However, since there is some homosexual non-consensual sex is some issues, she says the whole series is adult.

The Future King Series: