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Date Started: July 21/22, 2014
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Thanks, Pete is a catch phrase that Fall Out Boy fans adopted following the 2014 Alternative Press Music Awards. When Fall Out Boy was on stage to receive an award, Patrick Stump said that the mic was too high for him, so Pete Wentz, who was standing behind him, immediately lifted him up, and Patrick said "Thanks, Pete" into the mic. Watch the APMAs 2014 youtube video from 3:51.

On social media, fans immediately started thanking Pete for everything under the sun, including the meme itself. Fanart and manips were created soon after. The thanks pete tumblr tag dates to July 22nd 2014, 12:12:06 am.


"TH*NKS P*TE" by uptownstump, crossover with the Lost in a Crowd meme, 2015

Meme examples:

Fanart commemorating the event itself:

  • gifset by petethetreat, posted July 22, 2014
  • digital art[1] by bakaachan, posted July 26, 2014 and reposted everywhere