Lost in a Crowd

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Synonyms: finding X in a crowd, found him
Date Started: August 10, 2015
See Also: Wow The Stars Are Beautiful
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Lost in a crowd is a panfandom tumblr meme that started in August 2015. It is a text-based meme in four parts: character A can't find character B in a crowd and says "This calls for drastic measures," character A shouts something that character B is guaranteed to find offensive, character B leaps out of the crowd and shouts something angry in reply, character A says either "There they are" or "Found them". Often the thing guaranteed to anger character B is an insult to character A.

memedocumentation identified the origin of the meme as a Steve/Bucky post on August 10 by jibblyuniverse.[1] As of October 2015, the post has over 46,000 notes.[2]


visual Fall Out Boy example by uptownstump, based on a post by genderfluidryanross. Contains a reference to a second meme, Thanks Pete.


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