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Name: Terry Goodkind
Also Known As:
Occupation: Writer
Medium: Novels
Works: The Sword of Truth series, others
Official Website(s): http://terrygoodkind.com/
Fan Website(s): Terry Goodkind at Wikipedia
On Fanlore: Related pages

Terry Goodkind is a fantasy author. He is among the authors whose universes are disallowed from Fanfiction.net and many other fic archives.[1]

Goodkind is best known for The Sword of Truth, which was adapted into the 2008 TV series Legend of the Seeker.

Opinions on Fanfiction

Terry Goodkind opposes fanfiction. He wrote in 2000 or earlier:[2]

The Internet can be a wonderful thing for readers. For authors it can be a headache. It can be the vehicle for the spreading of simple, harmless rumors (like that I have e-mail), to annoyances, like people impersonating authors, to hoaxes like the recent one involving Kurt Vonnegut, to violations of the law such as copyright infringement. There are people on the Internet who spread rumors about me that are far from harmless. (I won't dignify them with a comment) and there are people who use my characters in stories they put on the Internet. I know that these people intend no harm, and are only expressing their admiration of my work, but that doesn't make it all right, and it causes me needless problems. Copyright law dictates that in order for me to protect my copyright, when I find such things, I must go out and hire lawyers to threaten these people to make them stop, and to sue them if they don't. In order to protect and keep legal ownership of my own property, the law makes me look like a cruel, vicious guy and I'm not really like that.

(If you see anyone writing stories using my characters and putting such a story on the internet, please please please ask them to stop it so that I don't have to go hire lawyers to make them stop and then everyone thinks I'm being a big meanie. It may seem like a small, harmless thing, but in the eyes of the law I must comply to such a standard in order to maintain my copyright.)

Terry Goodkind's official site previously had a page for fans' original fiction: User Fiction


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