Ten Years And Muses

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Title: Ten Years And Muses
Author(s): Abby Young and Charlotte
Date(s): 2013-present
Length: 68 chapters
Genre: het romance
Fandom: Hanson
External Links: tenyearsandmuses.weebly.com, tyamwedding.weebly.com and suninmysky.weebly.com

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Ten Years And Muses is a Hanson fanfic written by Abby Young and Charlotte. It was originally published under the pen name Madden Olivia.

The story begins with Melody Banks being forced to revisit her teenage relationship with Taylor Hanson when she is asked to review a Hanson concert. Their relationship ended when she discovered he had been communicating with a girl named Natalie (his real life wife) who he was forced to marry when she became pregnant. In the story, unlike in real life, the pregnancy ended in a miscarriage, a fact that is important to the story's plot.

Ten Years And Muses also features a relationship between Melody and a character named Jason, modeled after the actor Jason Momoa. Mel's best friend Andrew Brooks, better known as Drew, also rekindles her steamy teenage affair with Zac during the story.

Although the story is credited to both authors, Abby did most of the writing with Charlotte acting mostly as a beta reader.

From Abby's introduction to the story:

Ten Years And Muses may not be the greatest piece of literature you'll ever read. It isn't perfect. It can get a little flashy and outlandish, and sometimes downright corny. But if you want good, soap opera fiction, this one will probably be for you.

Please remember, as you begin reading, that Ten Years and Muses and excerpts from Yesterday are purely fiction and should be treated as such. Timelines are not specified and children's names were not used. As a matter of fact, the children never actually appear in the story. We decided to eliminate one entire set of children, as we felt that keeping their existence in the story would hit a little too close to home and we know there are fans out there that wouldn't be able to handle the content, fiction or not.

Again, this story is complete FICTION and in no way reflects the feelings or beliefs or the authors. We have decided to give this story an R rating due to language, content, and some subject matter.[1]


Written by Abby and Charlotte during their teenage years and never shared online, Yesterday was the story of Mel and Drew's original relationships with the Hanson brothers. Madden admits that the characters were self inserts, although they evolved into more than that by the time she wrote Ten Years And Muses. Some of Mel and Drew's backstory was changed in Ten Years And Muses, but the gist is that Mel and Taylor were childhood best friends who grew into a romantic relationship, while Drew and Zac's relationship was based almost entirely on sexual chemistry and ended on a far less sour note than Taylor and Mel's.

Portions of Yesterday were published online after the completion of Ten Years And Muses.

Ten Years And Muses -- The Wedding

A sequel in which Taylor and Mel get married. Halfway through the story, Abby began to publish alternate chapters in which Mel ended up with Jason, a character very closely based on Jason Momoa rather than Taylor.

The Sun in My Sky

An in progress spinoff sequel that follows the alternate chapters of The Wedding. This story focuses largely on Mel and Jason, although Taylor does make a small appearance.

Reactions and Reviews

From a review by Bethany on PlaceToHide.net:

As the story goes along, I keep coming back to that Sex and the City comparison. There’s glamour, drama, romance, exotic locales, steamy sex scenes… everything it takes to make a chick lit fantasy. A story that nails all those girly fantasies can be really enjoyable to read, and that’s where Ten Years And Muses excels. I won’t lie; I’m a little disappointed that my favorite couple didn’t end up together, but I can’t really see the story working out any other way. That’s the mark of a truly good story, I think. Even if the things you want to happen don’t, you still finish the story with a sense that it happened as it should have.[2]

From a post on Abby's forum:

Abby, you have brought such a honest and remarkable character to life. So for that, I applaud you! I've been reading fan fics since I was 12 (I'm 27 now). And let me tell you, not many fanfic authors can do that. So what ever you do to keep that drive going, don't let it go. You truly have a gift.[3]

From a review by Elizabeth on Belle's Fanfic Reviews:

To end this review if you are a fan of cliches and well written lines as well as some really hot smut then I’d suggest this story and all in all I’d give it three out of five stars if this were a book review.[4]


TYAM won awards in the Blank Page Awards and is featured in the PlaceToHide.net hall of fame.


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