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You may be looking for a different Doctor/Master pairing; see The Doctor/The Master.

Pairing: Tenth Doctor/The Master
Alternative name(s): TenSimm, SimmTen, Timecock
Gender category: M/M
Fandom: Doctor Who
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Ten/Master is the pairing of the Tenth Doctor and The Master from Doctor Who fandom. This almost exclusively refers to the pairing of Ten/Simm!Master, but pairings featuring the Tenth Doctor with other iterations of the Master also appear.


Ten/Master was the first version of the Doctor/Master pairing in NewWho. It was very popular, but this Master was more aggressive than previous versions of the Master leading to a darker dynamic in fic.

Common Tropes

  • Works set during the year that never was. These works can be dark as the Doctor is the Master's prisoner for that year. Fanfics set during this year sometimes featured side pairings for both the Doctor and the Master, including Ten/Jack, The Master/Lucy Saxon and rarely The Master/The Doctor/Lucy Saxon.
  • Fanfics featuring non-con, dub con and BDSM elements were not confined to works set in the year that never was.
  • Fix-its were very common post-The Last of the Timelords. In many works the Master lived and the Doctor kept him prisoner on the Tardis.
  • Fix-its and canon divergent works set after the End of Time often depicted the Master as a slightly more willing companion of the Doctor.
  • Doctor Who and Life on Mars crossovers.



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