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Name: The Television FanFic Webring
Date Founded: 06 December 1998 or before[1]
Fandom: multifandom
Focus: Fanfiction
URL: (Wayback)
ring homepage

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The Television FanFic Webring was a webring dedicated to fanfiction from any and all past and present television shows. All sites containing two or more fanfics based on a TV show were eligible to be in this ring.

Ring homepage was FanFic World. A link from Wayback capture of the ring homepage to a list of sites goes to a Wayback screencap from 2011[2] that features the same ring banner that was later in use on sites such as ...Mightier Than the Sword, showing that the same ring was active for quite some time.

Member Sites

Fanfic FAQ

The ring site linked to a FAQ by the ringmaster, answering some of the most common questions people not familar with the realm of fan fiction asked at that time.

1. What is fanfic?
Fan fiction or fanfic, is just that. Fiction written by fans. Basically it's a story based on characters from tv shows or movies written by a fan. There are stories or scripts depending on what you prefer to read. I generally prefer to read fanfic in story form, however a well written script is just as good. It's been around for years, but is most common on the internet, since it's easy for fans from all over the world to access. You name the show, and there is probably somewhere fanfic for it. Just like any other writing form, there is good fanfic and bad fanfic. I'm trying to keep the quality of the fanfic on my site fairly high, so I'm trying to weed out the really bad stuff. Check out Fan Fiction on the 'Net for links to pages for all your favorite shows.

2. Is there adult fic?

Yes there is. There's quite a bit of it actually. You can find adult fic for just about every show from Power Rangers (and yes I'm serious about that) to Star Trek rated R to NC-17. I have a few stories on my site, however I am fairly particular about the adult stories allow on this site. I usually will only allow stories that I consider are particularly well written, with a good plot, where the sex, violence, or language is used in good taste, and compliments the plot rather than making the plot. I'm extremely wary of stories that tend to be Mary Sue stories. While some of these can be written extremely well, they tend to be very sterotypical and cliche. This doesn't mean that if you want to submit a story that is a Mary Sue type story I will reject it automatically. It just means I'm a little more careful about the stories like this I'll put up on my site. Also since the stories can be available to children, I don't really want to corrupt their minds more than they already are. ;) Visit some adult sites on the 'net.

3. What is slash?

Slash is a particular form of fanfic that deals with homosexual activity. It's frequently abbreviated m/m for male/male activity, or f/f for female/female activity. One of the most imfamous slash couples is Kirk and Spock from Star Trek. Quite often slash tends to be very violent and/or explicit. I've decided not to include slash simply because it's not a form I am comfortable with. Please don't be offended by this. I have no objections to it or the authors. I just find most of it to violent and graphic for my taste and haven't been able to read through an entire story that is over PG-13 and since I have to read the stories to put them up on my site, I don't feel that I'm able to judge them properly. I've included links to many sites containing or dedicated to slash on the links pages I have for the shows on this site. Okay, some other slash sites on the 'net.

4. How do I write fanfic?

Doh! I knew someone wanted to know that. Um, there really is no formula to writing it that I know of. It's basically just like writing any other story, only you're dealing with characters that have already been established. Below I'm adding a number of links to sites with style guides, and general rules that I've found around the Internet dealing with writing fan fiction and writing in general. [...]

5. What is a 'Mary Sue' fic?

A Mary Sue fic is the common name fanfic authors and readers use for the generic plot where a new character (based on the author) is inserted into a show, and proceeds to have a romantic involvement with the authors favorite character while convienently doing everything better than the regular characters. Just like any other story, some are good and some are bad. The problem with this type of fanfic is that a lot of the plots tend to be similar. I try to avoid the more mundane stuff, but I like an original character and plot as much as anyone.

6. What are some common abbreviations used by fan fiction authors?

Wow..there are a lot, but I'll do my best....
PWP = Plot What Plot. Um, usually these are plotless smutfests :) They have no point, and the author knows it.
h/c = hurt/comfort.
m/m = relationship between two males
f/f = relationship between two females

7. What is a fanfic MST?

A fanfic mst is where a writer takes a previously written fanfic and submits it to the Mystery Science Theatre 3000 treatment (MST-see?). If you've never seen Mystery Science Theatre 3000 (poor you) it's about a guy and a few robots that are forced to watch bad movies and constantly make fun of them. It's a great show, and a lot of the fanfic MST's are hilarious :) I don't have any on my site, but I'll find a few links to MST pages for you soon.

8. What is a crossover?

A crossover is just that :) It crosses over the characters from two or more different shows or movies. Crossovers are one of the more popular things in fanfic. You ever wondered what would happen if the Friends invaded Chicago Hope? Well, with fanfic crossovers you can find out. Some examples that have been on T.V. is the recent crossover between Ally McBeal and The Practice. Other shows that have had crossovers are Law & Order and Homicide, and also Touched by an Angle and Promised Land. One of the nicer things about fanfic is that you can have shows from competing networks, which is practically non-existant in real life. :)


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