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Name: Teen Wolf Fanfiction Contest
Date(s): August 27, 2012 - September 8, 2012
Type: fanfiction contest
Fandom: Teen Wolf
Associated Community:
URL: rules at mtv.com, Archived version
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The Teen Wolf Fanfiction Contest was a fanfiction contest for Teen Wolf fandom. The event was unique for encouraging fanfiction by TPTB, since many writers and showrunners are known for having polarizing opinions towards fanfic.

The majority of submissions were Stiles/Derek, as it was the fandom's juggernaut ship. However, the winner was Side Effects (fanfiction), a Stiles-centric genfic by lokiloo.

The contest was announced on the Teen Wolf tumblr blog on August 24, 2012, and the winner was announced on October 1, 2012.

It was open from August 27 to September 8, 2012.


  • Open only to citizens in the 48 contiguous states of America.
  • Entrants must be at least 14 years old.
  • Immediate family of Viacom (contest sponsor) are not permitted to enter.
  • Fanfiction must be 3,000 words or less.
  • One entry per participant.
  • Works may not be "defamatory, trade libelous, pornographic or obscene."
  • Further rules can be read here.

The grand prize winner receives a one-day ticket and accommodations to the Teen Wolf writer's room, and appears on the promo spot on the MTV Teen Wolf website.

Submissions & Winners

According to the Teen Wolf tumblr, 10,000 submissions were received by the end of the contest.[1]

The winner:

Special mentions:

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