Teddy/James Big Bang

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Name: Teddy/James Big Bang
Date(s): December 2011 - June 2012
Moderator(s): nerakrose & mrs_jack_turner
Founder: nerakrose & mrs_jack_turner
Type: Big Bang
Fandom: Harry Potter
Associated Community: teddyjamesbb on Livejournal
URL: TJBB Archive
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Teddy/James Big Bang was a fest dedicated to the creation of fanfics that revolve around Teddy Lupin and James Sirius Potter, illustrated by artists. It was created to encourage the creation of more fanworks centered around Teddy/James as a pairing or central characters.


The minimum required word count was 15,000 words. There was no maximum. For artists, the rules were at least 3 pieces of artwork per fic.

Both fic and art was required to be new work not previously posted elsewhere.


Teddy/James Big Bang followed the following timeline.

  • December 1st 2011 - January 1st 2012: Sign-ups
  • March 24th, 2012: Fanfiction drafts are due
  • March 25th 2012: Artists claim
  • May 20th 2012: All final submissions due
  • June 4th, 2012: Posting

Submitted Fanworks

A Pensieve's No Excuse Not To Start Over by sopdetly with art by chibidreamer
Rating: PG-13 | 32,881 words
When James wakes up in St. Mungo's, all he wants is his boyfriend Liam at his bedside. His memory, though, is a bit behind the times—eight years, to be precise—and discovers there's a whole life he needs to remember, leave behind, or find his way back to.
Art: Our Little Secret by tthy
Rating: T
Reality by wwmrsweasleydo with art by epithalamium
Rating: R | 15,000 words
Every event looks different, depending on where you are viewing it from, whether you are the young man naked in the bed, the older man in the doorway, or that man's son who's being squashed against the headboard.
The World Turns Round by aj_horn, with art by ithinktsdashing and pandafoot105
Rating: NC-17 | 16,765 words
When Victoire is murdered, James steps up to help Teddy raise his two children. But Victoire's murderer comes after Teddy and the kids and it possibly could ruin James and Teddy's bulding relationship.
These Chucks Don't Burn Like They Used To by theemdash with art by cmajalis
Rating: PG-13 | 17,625 words
Seven months ago, Hex Deflection hit wizarding mainstream when lead guitarist James was named the Hogwarts Heartbreaker by Witch Weekly. Since then Teddy, James, and their pop-punk band mates have been thrust into the spotlight, booking bigger shows and fielding interviews from the leading musical magazine Sonorous Punk. The pressure of the public eye and the stress of being on a six-week UK tour is starting to tear at them when Hex's frontman Liam starts grating on everyone's nerves—though no one's more than James's. Caught in the middle, Teddy struggles to walk the line between being James's best mate (and secret admirer) and Liam's on-stage snog. Of course it could be more than the sudden success of Hex Deflection that has James's wand in a knot….