Tears (Doctor Who vid)

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Title: Tears
Creator: Yusagi (darkbunnyrabbit)
Date: Dec 2006
Music: "If Only My Tears Could Bring You Back" by Midnight Sons
Fandom: Doctor Who
URL: offline (vid announcement)
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Tears is a Doctor Who vid by darkbunnyrabbit. It was reviewed by giandujakiss on Feb 23, 2007 at the reel.

Vidder'summary: He can't stop thinking about her. About their time together. About their final parting. If only his sorrow alone could bring her back.


  • "This is a static vid with some nice emotional images of the Doctor and Rose but that relies too heavily on facial expressions and captures little of what makes the show or the characters unique."[1]
  • "Lovely....angst ridden and emotional!"[2]


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