Taylor Hanson/Michelle Branch

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Pairing: Taylor Hanson/Michelle Branch
Alternative name(s): Taylor/Michelle, Taychelle
Gender category: Het
Fandom: Hanson
Canonical?: rumored
Prevalence: somewhat rare
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Taylor Hanson/Michelle Branch is the RPF pairing of Taylor Hanson and singer Michelle Branch. It is most often referred to as Taychelle.

It is rumored the two dated during the recording of Underneath when Taylor was also dating his now wife and also supposedly linked to Alex Greenwald of the band Phantom Planet.

On a side note, there were also just as many whispers of a relationship between Tay and Ben Jelen around the time he was dating Michelle Branch. There is nothing to substantiate either rumor. Alas![1]
they are both def bi. right before taylor started dating michelle branch, alex and taylor were fucking around. hanson and phantom planet used to be really close. hanson promoted them like crazy, did guest chats with them on their site and what not. once taylor was with michelle, it all stopped. the break up was harsh, man.[2]

This is not only discussed among fans,[3] but appears from time to time in celebrity blind items.[4][5]

Nothing has been confirmed by either party, but Michelle's coy behavior about her relationhsip with Hanson[6] and the inspiration behind her album Hotel Paper[7] leads fans and others to think it is likely about Taylor.[8] Fans often discuss this as well as possible references to Taylor in Michelle's more recent songs.[9][10][11]


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