Tarrant Hightopp/Alice Kingsleigh

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Pairing: Tarrant Hightopp/Alice Kingsleigh
Alternative name(s): Alice/Mad Hatter, Alice/Hatter
Gender category: Het
Fandom: Burton's Alice in Wonderland film series
Canonical?: no
Prevalence: popular
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Tarrant/Alice, also known as Alice/Mad Hatter, is a popular het pairing in the Burton's Alice in Wonderland fandom.


In the 2010 Tim Burton film, Alice meets Tarrant during her trip to Underland, only to later find that she has been there before and met the Hatter when she was a child. The 2016 film takes this further and has Alice meeting the Hatter before her first trip to Underland as a result of time travel.

The two grow close after their "first" meeting in the 2010 film, with Alice and the Hatter supporting each other during difficult moments. She helps to calm him down when he starts listing types of hat, and he helps her to find her muchness again.



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