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Name: Talullah
Alias(es): Talullah Red
Type: fan writer, fan artist, reccer, archivist, community moderator
Fandoms: Alexander, Arthurian Legend, The Bible, Brokeback Mountain, Brothers and Sisters, Fight Club, Firefly/Serenity, Hard Candy, Harry Potter, House MD, Latter Days, L.I.E., Egyptian Mythology, Greek Mythology, Hawaiian Mythology, The Name of the Rose, Original, Paperman, Queer as Folk, RPF, A Separate Peace, Sherlock Holmes, Supernatural, Tolkien (Slash, Het, Gen, Femslash), Veronica Mars
Communities: Back to Middle-Earth Month, Drabble Challenge, fanfic100, Journey Story, Library of Moria, LotR Community Challenges, LotR Retread, LotR Secret Santa, Of Elves and Men Big Bang, Once Upon a Fic, A Picture is Worth a 1000 Words, Silmarillion Writers' Guild, Slashfest, Slashy Santa, Snowflake Challenge, Sons of Gondor, Triple Dog Dare
URL: Livejournal

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Talullah Red found a snippet about the Library of Moria and slash on the Premiere magazine, late 2003, and entered the URL in her browser. Soon she was reading all sorts of Tolkien fanfic and creating her own. She also became an avid Yuletider.

She fell in love with a pairing and founded King and Herald, a single-pairing archive dedicated to Elrond/Gil-galad fic and art. In 2005, she was invited to be part of the team who took over the Library of Moria, as the owner and founder, Marie, was unable to dedicate as much time as was needed.

Along with Tinker Bell she assumed the organizing of the archive and updating of the long pending submission list. Later, she implemented the eFiction platform, and with the help of a few volunteers and of Azzy, they transferred the entire contents of the archive to the new platform.

She has also lends a hand now and then to Nefertiti, owner of the Meddling in the Affairs of Wizards archive and took over the now defunct dark slash Tolkien Daemel archive, from owner Cheysuli, for a brief time before another volunteer stepped in permanently. Other archiving included the Thalassa's Secret Santa Geocities site for a fanart exchange.

She is an avid participant of Yuletide and loves small, obscure fandoms. Occasionally she does fan art and posts recs.

She took a break from fandom as a writer and reader in 2010, but kept her archiving duties during the 4 years away. She returned to the Tolkien fandom in the Summer of 2014.