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Do we know if ds_noticeboard was the first? It's the earliest in the list of examples, and some of the others mention it as their model: sga_noticeboard, created 25 April 2005, also modded by the same person, "modeled on the ds_noticeboard community", the SPN one, created 14 September 2005, "based on all the other really successful noticeboard communities, like ds_noticeboard and sv_noticeboard and sga_noticeboard, etc." and modded by a former due South fan. Unfortunately sv_noticeboard was deleted and is not available in the Wayback Machine. There's another noticeboard for Smallville, but it was created in 2007[1] I checked the welcome post, but it didn't mention the existence of a previous noticeboard community. It definitely existed, but I can't find it in google.--aethel (talk) 15:59, 23 January 2021 (UTC)