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This could use a lot of cleanup. The canon details should be shorter, and there should be a section for common fanon tropes. (Cinnamon Roll, "ball of sunshine", everyone thinks his freckles are cute, etc.)

Pairing list should include DekuMight and Dekuzawa, which aren't as large as the student-student pairings but are high-controversy points in the fandom.

Fanworks should include not only more examples, but mention of the huge number of BNHA-themed collections at AO3. Several of the tropes should have their own sections - it's possible that there's enough content for an entire page for "Quirkless Midoriya" and "Midoriya Has A Quirk" (other than One for All). Should also get mentioned that Midoriya is almost always an Omega in ABO fics.

There are some amazing cosplay TikToks, too.

Mostly noting these details in the hope that I push myself to come back and edit the page. - Elf (talk) 05:57, 12 June 2021 (UTC)