Tales of Hoffman

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You might be looking for Tales of Feldman.

Title: Tales of Hoffman
Publisher: Lone Gull Press
Editor(s): Lori Paige and Jane Lach
Date(s): May 1988
Medium: print
Fandom: Dark Shadows
Language: English
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Tales of Hoffman is a gen a one-shot publication built around the character Dr. Julia Hoffman. The cover is by Jane Lach. The fiction is by Lori Paige and Jane Lach.
cover by Jane Lach


From an ad in The World of Dark Shadows #71/72: "A chronological anthology folliwng Julia's experiences from childhood through her later years at Collinwood. Includes "Chance Meeting" in which Julia meets the Collins family in the most fashion on her way to Dave Woodard's wedding. "Omnes in Umbris" in which Barnabas and Julia battle a merciless 600 year old vampire."


  • An Everyday Miracle by Jane Lach (Sometimes a child is destined to be born… despite the odds.)
  • A Different Drummer by Jane Lach (Join three-year old Julia in a big-city adventure.)
  • For the Love of Emmy by Jane Lach (They were the best of friends, inseparable, until tragedy struck, leaving a confused ten-year old girl adrift in a flood of questions and guilt.)
  • Once in a Lifetime by Jane Lach (As a second-year medical student, Julia volunteers as a lab assistant to a researcher, an alliance that soon leads to romance. But Dave Woodward, concerned by her involvement with the older doctor, interferes and may unwittingly bring about tragedy for all concerned.)
  • Chance Meeting by Jane Lach (On the eve of Dave Woodward's wedding, Julia meets the Collins family in an unusual fashion.)
  • Progress by Lori Paige (A newly-accredited and nervous Julia must accept the realities of her chosen profession and its attendant emotional pitfalls during her first years at Wyndcliffe.)
  • Tempest (new version) by Lori Paige (Julia becomes trapped in the year 1909 by a desparately lonely man using a powerful device to find his ideal companion.)
  • The Joining by Lori Paige (As his wedding day approaches, Barnabas is plagued by fears that his curse will soon return to impede his happiness with Julia.)
  • Omnes in Umbris by Lori Paige (Barnabas and Julia must battle a merciless 600-year old vampire who is accidentally released while Julia is delivering a series of guest medical lectures at the prestigioius Edwards College.)

Reactions and Reviews

Taking the notion of liberating Julia even further, Lori Paige and Jane Lach jointly crafted the superb Tales of Hoffman...This series of short stories create, mosaic-style, a meticulous biography of Julia Hoffman. Most of the stories take place before her arrival in Collinsport, but each reveals fascinating and plausible back-story. My own favorite of the stories, “Once in a Lifetime,” deals with her medical school friendships with the chivalrous-but-clueless Dave Woodard and a mysterious colleague who is experimenting with organ transplantation. While organ transplantation is routine now, by keeping to the original time arc of the series, Paige/Lach are able play up the Frankenstein-ish aspect. The story raises creeps while displaying Julia’s emerging professional ability and determination. A concluding story by Lach, “Transitions,” presents an optimistic glimpse of Barnabas and Julia in the year 1990, but ends with a literary “stinger” that suggests the inevitable return of evil to haunt a new generation of Collinses. [1]


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