Táo zǒu de zhōng quǎn

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Title: Táo zǒu de zhōng quǎn
Escaped Loyal Dog
Circle: n/a
Doujinka: Luó Chuān (羅川)
Fandom: Sherlock Holmes (2009)
Date/s: 2010 February 01[1]
Type: novella
Size: A5, 32 pages
Language: Chinese
External Links: Luó Chuān's website
novella sample
Luó Chuān's blog entry
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Táo zǒu de zhōng quǎn (逃走的忠犬 Escaped Loyal Dog) is a Sherlock Holmes (2009) doujinshi by Luó Chuān. It's her first Sherlock Holmes doujinshi (the second being Yǒngbù jiéshù de yuánwǔqǔ). The reprinting might have an alternate cover.

The story is Holmes/Watson and takes place after the first movie. Watson is moving out, and Holmes doesn't want him to go.


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