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Title: T'Salta
Publisher: Mary G.T. Webber
Date(s): 1983-1984
Medium: print
Genre: gen
Fandom: multimedia
Language: English
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cover of issue #1

T'Salta is a multifandom gen anthology published in Oueensland, Australia by Mary G.T. Webber.

It has two issues. There is a review of one of them in Centero #16.

Issue 1

T'Salta 1

Issue 2

T'Salta 2 was published in December 1984 and contains 96 pages.

  • David Tulley, "Beforehand" (Blake's 7)
  • David Tulley, "Ghosts" (Blake's 7) reprinted in Space Rat
  • Shayne McCormack, "Film Review: Blake's 7-- Ten Years On" (Blake's 7)
  • David Tulley, "Blake" (Blake's 7) poem
  • Bruce Mitchell, "V.C.R.-- D.O.A." (Blake's 7) poem
  • Glenn Ludgate, "How to Make... The Liberator Holster, The Liberator Bracelet" (Blake's 7) non-fiction
  • art by Karen Masingham, Glenn Ludgate, Sonja Van Den Ende
  • Second Sunday of the Year (Professionals)
  • Ode: To an Irradiated Vulcan I Found Lying in an Enterprise-Photon-Torpedo-Turned Coffin in the Green Lushness (Star Trek) (possibly in issue #1 instead)
  • Encounter, story by Cathy Kerrigan (Doctor Who)
  • XIV (poem) by Danny Murphy (Doctor Who)
  • Logopolis (cartoon) by Ellen Parry and Mary G.T. Webber (Doctor Who)
  • other fandoms: MASH, Star Trek: TOS, Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Tales of the Gold Monkey, Blade Runner, Minder, and Star Wars.

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 2

T'Salta is a mult-media zine not only dealing with SF, but such series as MASH and The Professionals. This is a stunning looking zine with superb artwork. All the stories struck me as being well-written, although not being familiar with some of the universes they were set in, I could not tell you how true they were to their original shows, or how accurate the character portrayals were. I even liked the Vogon poetry. There must be something about trying to be bad that brings out the best in people. Try this for a title: Ode: To an Irradiated Vulcan I Found Lying in an Enterprise-Photon-Torpedo-Turned Coffin in the Green Lushness. 'The Second Sunday of the Year' is a particular feature of T'Salta #2, a Professionals story exploring how a violent lifestyle might be reconciled with religion, in this case, Catholicism. Actually, they don't seem reconciled at all for, if this story is anything to go by, Doyle always had violent tendencies, a 'streak of vicious certainty' even as a child when he had to fight just to survive. It is interesting to think about, but the story probably means more to fans of The Professionals. [1]
97 pages, offset. A bit boring, did not hold my interest for very long, therefore it did not succeed in being very entertaining. Try again! [2]
Some of the artwork in this zine is truly exceptional, especially for the sf media fan. T'Salta, however, is not just a SF media zine. It contains stories about B7, M*A*S*H*, Monkey, Blade Runner, Dr. Who, Minder & The Professionals. [3]


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