Sydney (Forever Knight)

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Name: Sydney
Occupation: pet
Relationships: Dr. Natalie Lambert (owner)
Fandom: Forever Knight
Sydney with his owner
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In the television series, Forever Knight, Sydney (or "Sydney Lambert") is the cat belonging to one of the principal characters, Dr. Natalie Lambert. Sydney is a grey cat with white markings, belonging to no particular breed.

Sydney actually appeared in a single episode, Season One's "Only the Lonely", in which Natalie almost falls prey to a date-rape serial killer. Her apartment in that episode was not a permanent set; and, although such a set was built for Season Two, the cat was not written into any of the scripts.

The scriptwriter apparently named the cat after the actor, Sydney Greenstreet; so the name should properly be spelled with two "y"s. However, at the time, this information was not known to most fans, who have tended to write the name as "Sidney".


Despite his passing appearance in the show, Sydney proved immediately popular.

Factions & War

The first Forever Knight factions, as established during Season One (and used to organize the first War), focused on the principal characters. However, for War Two, a faction was formed by fans of Natalie's cat. It is known by the acronym, FoSiLs, which stands for Friends of Sidney Lambert. For the most part, the FoSiLs were a way for fans to play a double role in the War by writing their pets (usually cats) into the story as sentient individuals, acting independently as members of their own faction with their own story arc.

The FoSiLs first participated in War Two, and did so regularly thereafter at least until War Five, where Sydney is among the characters listed.[1]

Fan Fiction

Sydney (aka "Sidney") appears in many stories where his owner, Natalie Lambert, plays a prominent role. Often, he is used simply to flesh out her character by including matters significant in her personal life. However, fans have also written stories focusing on the cat himself. A number of these are told from Sydney's perspective.

Fan fiction featuring Sydney: