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K/S Fanfiction
Title: Sweet Talk
Author(s): Gena Moretti
Date(s): 1999
Genre: slash
Fandom: Star Trek: The Original Series
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Sweet Talk is a K/S story by Gena Moretti.

It was published in the print zine Beyond Dreams #1.


"While Spock is away for 6 months at a conference, he and Kirk stay in touch by subspace radio, their feelings for each other revealed when they find that they can speak more openly when they can only hear but not see each other."

Reactions and Reviews

I liked the idea that a limited, long-distance form of communication could actually serve to advance the K/S relationship—sort of reminded me of the effect the internet can have. It was also nice to see some of the junior officers (especially Uhura!) getting more responsibilities. One petty complaint I had is that it seemed a little implausible for Starfleet (and Kirk) to allow Spock to be away from his duties on the Enterprise for six months: something like six weeks would have been more believable, as well as sufficient time, I think, for K & S to see the light and move on to a new phase in their relationship. A more serious complaint is that, here and there, the dialog seemed off. Whenever I read K/S, I really try to "hear" every word as if it had been spoken by Kirk or Spock (or whatever other regular cast members are involved). Maybe it was just that my own imagination wasn't working properly, but there were some lines which I couldn't seem to hear in Kirk's or Spock's voice. A case in point: Kirk says to Spock, "There's no point in our explaining unnecessary things to anyone and maybe getting them all upset. You know how we can suddenly start getting the shitty jobs if we do something without permission...." The phrase "and maybe getting them all upset" sounds too hesitant for the bold captain, and "shitty" doesn't sound like a Kirkian curse to me. In general, I found Kirk's lines in this story less convincing than Spock's. Overall, though, I enjoyed "Sweet Talk" and Gena's cute way of getting K & S together. [1]
From the very first line I knew I was gonna love this story! "Kirk was bustling about his quarters, preparing for an evening of chess with his first officer."

Not very dramatic, but oh so promising. Those promises achieved fulfillment at a very strange time. Spock, you see, has left the Enterprise for a six month symposium! Ah, remember the saying "absence makes the heart grow fonder"? Uh huh! Surely it works that way because Spock starts making frequent phone calls to Kirk—audioonly because of a glitch in the system at Spock's end. Remember how much easier it was to reveal secrets to your teenage friends in the dark? Same premise.

Speaking of teen years, it reminds me of my diaries. "He called me 'Jim' twice tonight." Then little truths creep in, letting both men know how important the calls are and how important they are to each other.

I must have glowed when, after four months, Kirk says, "When you finally do get home, you just might find yourself getting hugged." It's awhile before Spock answers "I would not find that objectionable." He even says he might return it!

The conversations get hotter and hotter. I can't believe they're saying these things to each other. Declaring their love! I'm so greedy by this time it's become torture—as it is for Kirk, who has another three weeks to wait!

When their visits turn into pure 'ol sex talk, wow! I can hardly resist the urge to thrash on the carpet. And I'm saying to myself, "Gena, you'd better not let me down!"

Against all odds, the time does arrive for Spock to materialize on the transporter pad. Kirk is thinking how he'll just have to restrain his expression and I'm thinking "In a pig's eye!"

I guess it wasn't the objective of this story to end with a sexual encounter, so I'll have to be satisfied with yet another promise—delivered in person by a wet, naked, sudsy body followed by "fade to black". [2]
A few pages into this, I realized it was above all things a sweet story—warm and comforting as an old slipper. The nightly chess games, the friendly talks, the easy silences warmed me to my toes.

Being a hopeless romantic, I loved both men's reactions to Spock's six month stint away from the ship to attend a seminar. Soon the audio-only conversations between them begin and they are so...sweet! Loving in a cautious way, hopeful, excited. Such a fun read! It was wonderful when both men started reciting the remaining time in their separation by days, hours and minutes. Kirk even warns Spock he may hug him when he returns. Now why does that turn my heart all to mush? I'm sure if I chose to be objective, these conversations might be considered juvenile—but they didn't feel juvenile. Knowing the characters as I do, I know it is not an easy task for Spock to speak of his Captain's "attractive chest". I know that when Kirk flirts with Spock he does it knowing that this is not someone with whom he can have a one night stand.

These words, this "sweet talk" between them was so fine that the conclusion was almost anti-climactic. What a great and inventive way to explore a very special love. [3]
This story has Kirk and Spock separated for six months while Spock attends a scientific convention. While he is away from the ship he and Kirk have a whole series of long distance conversations with no visual connection and find themselves realising just how much they do mean to each other. With a long slow build up, and a twist at the end this is a wonderful story of how absence truly does make the heart grow fonder, and shows how being apart acts as a catalyst in their relationship which neither of them had expected. [4]


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