Swan Town

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Date Started: 2015
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See Also: Captain Floor, Floor Queen
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Swan Town is a crack ship and meme in the Swan Queen fandom.

The meme was inspired by a comment made by Jennifer Morrison about Emma Swan's actions in the season four finale:

its a running joke between the discrepancies of ouat pr and jmo? she was asked a question at xivents about sacrificing herself for regina… and jmo said she also did it for “the town” and not just regina (even tho the pr through abc, which i admit isn’t really run by the writers when they rep the show, said different)… and hence, the joke was formed…. that is my version of it anyway… some are taking it badly as an attack against jmo… however i just think its fully all in good fandom fun like captain floor and regina spoon/apple (I just learned about the apple)

i mean there are going to be some that use it in a bad way… but i think of it as a joke… a funny joke, that i’m running with… and unless i see a totally disrespectful way of doing it AGAINST jmo instead of fandom fun, i’ll still run with said joke… ;)[1]

Fanworks of the ship are often made by photoshopping the Storybrook clock tower over Regina.