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Journal Community
Name: SV Inquiry
Date(s): 2005 - present
Moderator: Seperis, Svmadelyn
Founder: Svmadelyn
Type: Livejournal Community Moderated
Fandom: Smallville
URL: sv_inquiry on LJ

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SV Inquiry is a moderated membership livejournal community for searching for Smallville fanfiction, recs, links, or anything else related to the Smallville fandom. From the profile:

So there's this story out there. You know Lex was writing on Clark with a permanent marker, but you don't know *who* wrote such majesty, and more importantly, you don't know *where* this story can be found.

Or you're looking for a particular genre of fiction (Club Clex! or Lex!As!President!), general fic recommendations, a community, a post someone made back in 2002 (or, hey, two days ago), and you're in dire need?

Post your hunts for fiction, pleas for recs, your searches for anything in the Smallville fandom, and your fellow community members will do their best to help you in your quest.