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Name: Susan Clerc
Alias(es): Sue Clerc, Sue, Pseu
Type: acafan, commentator, reviewer, meta writer, fansite creator, apazine collator
Fandoms: Blake's 7
Communities: Adrenaline and Soma Powered Blake's 7 Pages, Lysator
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Susan Clerc is a fan who was active in Blake's 7 fandom in the 1990s. Her primary fannish output was writing meta about the show and the fandom, reviewing fanfiction and participating in fan discussions. In the early 2000s she also wrote several academic articles about fandom. Both her fandom meta and academic writing often touch upon the topics of Gender and Fandom and slash. She was a fan of Roj Blake and, while liking Avon, was critical of what she perceived as excessive idealization of his character by fans.

Fannish Activities

  • Creator of Adrenaline and Soma Powered Blake's 7 Pages, one of the earliest Blake's 7 fansites in the Internet.
  • Collator of Blake-centered apazine Rallying Call in 1995-1996
  • One of the first members of the Lysator mailing list and a very active participant. Some of her comments from Lysator were also published as meta on her website and in Rallying Call.

Meta Essays

Academic Articles

In Her Own Words

Favorite fandoms (other than B7): None. I like a lot of other series and lurk on newsgroups and mailing lists for those that have them, but I don't participate.

Favorite and least favorite episodes: Favorites: Most of the first and all of the second. Least: Most of the fourth season, with special mention to Power.

Favorite Travis: A dead one.

Is Blake dead?: Legends never die.

Number of zines in household: 180+

Who is alive after Gauda Prime?: Orac.

Last zine read: Bits and pieces (i.e., the B/A stories) in a bunch of Southern Comforts. [1]


  1. ^ Excerpts from the mini-bio in Tarriel Cell V.7 N.3