Supplementary Section

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Title: FSupplementary Section
Publisher: Ad Nauseum Press
Editor(s): "credit eradicated upon request!"
Date(s): October 1981 or 1982
Series?: yes, all of H/J zines are
Medium: print
Fandom: Harry and Johnny
Language: English
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front cover

Supplementary Section is a slash Harry and Johnny 30-page collage of newspaper and magazine headlines, pictures, fiction, and greeting cards, a "fun zine," of material compiled by various anonymous fans in honor of Ruth Kurz and Teri White.


  • many uncredited cartoons
  • Flash Cube by Our T. Harrietta ("The continuing narrative saga of Honny/Jarry, two sanitation workers from the city of Fran Sancrisco or A short (well, relatively short) story in search of a plot.")
  • two satirical LOCs: "I think it's disgusting, immoral, indecent, and I need 4 more copies." by Mary Lou Dodge [1] and "I think it's the most ridiculous drivel I've ever read. I ought to know because I've read it six times!!" by Pen E. Worn [2]
  • Hustler ("This little story is fondly written in honor of Teri White and Ruth Kurz by the following people (the hit list): Barbara Gompf, Laurie Haldeman, Marion Hale, Lynn Holland, Beth Nugteren, Debbi Okoniewski."
  • Magnum Force: Resolution, poem by Jackie Wagner
  • All Hallow's Eve, An Outline by Eileen Roy ("Well, what do you want, the frippin' con [3] is in twelve days. Who do you think I am? Teri? Ruth? A possible aftermath to Nightgames.")

Sample Gallery


  1. ^ This is a jab at Mary Lou Dodge and her criticism of explicit fanworks, a controversy that ignited the creation age statements and fanworks.
  2. ^ " Pen E. Worn" is a jab at Penny Warren who, while didn't have a problem with slash, appeared to not be a fan of Harry/Johnny.
  3. ^ "the frippin' con" is likely ZebraCon.