Summer Lovin' Reverse Mini Bang

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Name: Summer Lovin’ Reverse Mini Bang
Date(s): 2012
Moderator(s): spn-bigpretzel
Founder: spn-bigpretzel
Type: Mini Bang
Fandom: Supernatural
Associated Community:; archive link
URL:; archive link
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The Summer Lovin’ Reverse Mini Bang was a mini reverse bang challenge in Supernatural fandom. Writers had to write 5000 words based on submitted art pieces, that were either traditional art or manips.


annie46 wrote: Summer Daze Inspired by: Sam and Jess at the Beach by mandraco
Rated: PG-13
Genre: Het (Sam/Jess)
Summary: Sam spends his hot summer days on the beach with Jess but the shadow of his big brother looms large. Is everything as it seems?

lolaann1 wrote: Moonstruck Inspired by: Stargazing by just_ruth
Rated: PG-13
Genre: Gen
Summary: The quest for robo!Sam’s soul is still at a dead end, so the boys decide to take on a ‘regular’ hunt, which ends up leading them straight into a coven of moon-worshipping witches. As usual, the evil chick has her heart set on Sammy and Dean has yet another craptastic day.

twisted_slinky wrote: The Tiki Tiki Tiki Doom Inspired by: The Tiki Bar Is Open by just_ruth
Rated: PG-13
Genre: Het (Dean/ghost-chick)
Summary: A haunting. Easy enough. Only, the tiki bar is too lousy with tourists for them to hunt, Dean's mysteriously got the hots for the ghost-chick, and Sam's sarong is...a sarong.

anniespinkhouse wrote: Perfect Day (I'm Glad I Spent It With You). Inspired by: Sandcastle by jenilees
Rated: Teen
Genre: Slash (Sam/Dean)
Summary: Takes place after Red Sky at Dawn (3.05). Sam and Dean go to Atlantic City with the 10K that Bela gave them. As usual, nothing goes to plan for the Winchesters, but perhaps, just this once, it works out better.

Bobby Lovin by twisted_slinky, the fic Barefoot Days was written for this piece

tattooeddevil wrote: Barefoot Days Inspired by: Bobby Lovin' by twisted_slinky
Rated: G
Genre: Gen
Summary: It’s the summer of 1986 and Sammy and Dean spend their first summer with their Uncle Bobby. It’s hot, humid and awkward. Bobby is determined to give them a normal kid’s summer though, whatever it takes.

jennytork wrote: The Persistence of Memory Inspired by: For the Love of Baseball by mandraco
Rated: PG
Genre: Het (Dean/Lisa)
Summary: They've been to Hell. Dean's been to Purgatory. But the knowledge that Dean is married—that might just be the most jarring thing that Sam's had to face.

jennytork wrote No Such Thing Inspired by: Sand, Surf, and What? by just_ruth
Rated: PG
Genre: Gen
Summary: Dealing with a creature of fable is complicated by the fact that one of the brothers is under a curse of innocence

vexed_wench wrote: Family Inspired by: Reunion by mamapranayama
Rated: PG-13
Genre: Gen
Summary: Dean deals with the suspicions of yet another babysitter while waiting for John to come home

twisted_slinky wrote: Carpe Diem Inspired by Dean/Jo by twisted_slinky
Rated: NC-17
Genre: Het (Dean/Jo)
Summary: Season 2. While Sam searches for a way to switch them back, Jo and Dean enjoy a day on the beach wearing each other's bodies, and trying to figure out how to put them to good use. Gender/Body switch Jo/Dean.

patriciatepes wrote: Don't Drink the Water Inspired by: Crime Scene Do Not Cross by dollysdoodles
Rated: PG-13
Genre: Gen
Summary: Car wrecks, knife fights, fist fights, accidental injuries, all ending in death. Doesn't really sound like a Winchester thing. And it wouldn't be, except that there have been over thirty reports of such occurrences in the course of one day all in the same small town. And there's not even a ball game to blame. Definitely has to be mystical.

verucasalt123 wrote: My Hero Inspired by: Drunk Sam Danger by dollysdoodles
Rated: PG-13
Genre: Gen
Summary: Just another night at the bar. Until Sam starts to cry.