Strange Magic

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Name: Strange Magic
Creator: Lucasfilm
Date(s): January 23, 2015
Medium: computer-animated film
Country of Origin: United States
External Links: Strange Magic at Wikipedia, official site
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Strange Magic is an animated film released in the US in late January of 2015. The original idea behind it came from George Lucas, and was inspired by Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream. While the movie was reviewed very poorly by critics and made little money at the box office, it developed a small but dedicated fandom within days of the movie's release.


The fandom is mostly on Tumblr, using the film's tag as their primary means of finding and communicating with each other, although some fics are crossposted to AO3. Interestingly, the fandom's primary ship is also the main canon pairing (Marianne/Bog King). Much of the fandom's output is AU summaries or fanart instead of fics. As many of the fans are also fans of the Transformers franchise, ideas that in some way combine the two are not uncommon.


Examples Wanted: Editors are encouraged to add more examples or a wider variety of examples.


  • Only You by theunknownfate, Marianne/Bog King, First Time/Sex Pollen WIP
  • Love and War by setepenre_set, Marianne/Bog King, Arranged Marriage AU. This is a story about two kingdoms, side by side, but worlds apart. And at war. When the Bog King finally wins his war against the Fairy Kingdom, he decides that a political marriage with the eldest daughter of the deposed Fairy King will help to promote peace. (Obviously, he's never met Marianne.)


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