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Title: Stopover
Author(s): Stopover
Date(s): 1991
Genre: slash
Fandom: Star Wars
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Stopover is a Han/Luke non-explicit Star Wars story by Felicity Granger.

It is accompanied by two Han/Luke poems by the same author: "By Morning Light" and "A Song for Han."

Stopover is unique in that it is the only same sex story in the long print zine gen and het series Bright Center of the Universe. It, and the two poems, appear in the first issue.

Zine guidelines printed in the second issue specifically state that same sex content would be allowed, but not with any "established characters."

However, after the first issue, there were no other same sex stories, poems, or art.

Reactions and Reviews

"A Song for Han," "Stopover", "By Morning Light" Leia's character in the story was great,and the love between Han and Luke beautifully pictured. But while in Star Trek there is plenty of room for a strongly sexual Kirk/Spock relationship, in SW I cannot see any possibility for Han or Luke to stop wanting Leia. But...I can be convinced. Write another story and show me how and when this relationship started.[1]
Until I read BCotU, I had never read any same sex stories before. They have always been mentioned or hinted at by others. In regards to Felicity Granger's "Stopover" I tried to keep an open mind about it as I read it It was certainly different I can't picture Han and Luke together no matter how hard I try. I guess what I'm trying to say is, that if there were two other beings in the story, that would sit better with me personally than Han and Luke as a couple.[2]
I thought "Stopover" was a cute idea, and Felicity Granger handled it tastefully.[3]
"Stopover" Felicity Grainger -- The story is well-written, but if an author is going to so change the givens in SW, the author is going to have to work a little harder at plotting to convince a reader that the differences are legit Was Han never attracted to Leia? What happened to Luke's confrontation? Perhaps this is another place where an "alternate*' subtitle is handy for the reader, like the Nussman/Taero story. It's funny—of all the stories that have love as their theme, this one with Leia as the odd person out is the one which gives us a Leia who is not alternately bitchy and mushy-dopey. On the other hand, Luke is moony enough here. I used to think that fans wrote women in love as overwhelmed romantics; I am beginning to believe that it is simply the subject of being in love that brings out the heart sand flowers in so many writers. Maybe I've been partnered too long, but does anyone other then newlywed and teenagers go calf as often as fanfic lovers do? The activity that I do see among loving partners, that doesn't show up in fan stories very often, is the crazy, extremely private humor that goes on between people who have lived/loved together.[4]
Now to the stories, starting with "Stopover". Interesting but sorry can't agree with this one. Maybe Felicity Granger pictured something different in the films but I only saw a brotherly devotion between Luke and Han, and nothing else.[5]
"Stopover" and the two poems were some of the highlights of the zine, if only for their shock value (but it was more then that). They certainly put an interesting twist on the old love triangle! It's a very daring idea, but I must say I found it hard to accept If I read the story of how they get together (has such been written?) then I think I would believe it. As it was however, it was too radical a departure in the way all three of their relationships have always seem portrayed to just jump into the middle of it like this. But I would love to read the story of how they get together. I also liked the ethical questions that were raised about whether the cost in lives was a price worth paying for the rebellion. Adventure and romance stories are certainly fine, but my favorite stories are the ones that raise moral issues about war and rebellion, as well as loyalty, duty, conscience, etc. I'd like to see a longer story from Ms. Granger that delves into these issues as well.[6]
Although they are well written, "A Song for Han" "Stopover" and "By the Morning Light" I really couldn't enjoy because I've never been able to see Luke and Han's relationship in this light Luke—maybe, but Han is one of the most masculine males I've ever run across. I don't usually fall hard for characters in movies, but Han got me and got me good from the first.[7]


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