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Still Life as an art genre is less popular in fanart than in original art, because much of fandom, and by extension fanart, is focused on characters. And if objects are the motif, the fanart often is either technical or worldbuilding related, such as blueprints or maps, or detail studies of single objects (a moderately popular genre in Harry Potter because that fandom has many magical objects that are interesting to design and visualize), rather than still life arrangements of several objects.

However some fanartists excel at creating fannish still lifes, for example Gnatkip[1] (needs more examples from other artists!)

Fannish Still Lifes can also reference famous still life paintings, for example the community HP Fringeart runs Imitation Challenges in which the fanart submitted is inspired by famous paintings, some of those still lifes, like Gnatkip's Bubotubers that imitates Vincent van Gogh's Vase with Fifteen Sunflowers only with bubotubers, or Unicorn's Skull with Shrivelfig that imitates Georgia O'Keeffe.

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