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Journal Community
Name: HP Fringeart
Date(s): Feb 2005-
Moderator: naadi, xterm
Type: fanart community
Fandom: Harry Potter
URL: LJ comm

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HP Fringeart is a Harry Potter fanart community on livejournal.

Unlike some of the other Harry Potter art communities it is open for everyone to join and post (though membership is moderated), and artists of all skill levels are welcome, including newbies. Fans can join without invitation.

The community has regular monthly challenges. See HP Fringeart's 2006 Imitation challenge gallery.

Technically, this community is open not just to drawn/painted fanart but also to graphics, but in practice there are no photomanips posted, possibly because the comm has a rule demanding that the photos involved can only be used with the permission of the subjects and copyright holders: "Work that contains photomanips must be accompanied by a statement that the photo(s) involved are used with permission of the copyright holder/photographer and with the permission of the subjects in the photo(s). Only original work that does not violate the copyrights of any source will be allowed. Work that contains stills from the HP movies, for example, are not allowed." [1] It also does not allow NC-17 art.


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