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Name: Stayka's Saint Seiya Archive
Date(s): 1998 - 2018
Archivist: Stayka
Founder: Stayka
Type: Fanfiction, Fanarts, Graphics, Info
Fandom: Saint Seiya
URL: Stayka's Saint Seiya Archive (
Stayka's Sant Seiya Archive collection on AO3
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Stayka's Saint Seiya Archive was one of the first fansites for Saint Seiya in the internet. It hosted fanarts and fanfics by Stayka and other fans and other resources and graphics such as as wallpapers, screensavers, screencaps, info about the series, Winamp skins or icons for Windows.

The site started in 1998[1] and became one of the few sources of news and fanworks about the series in English (which is known for having a much larger fanbase in other languages), uniting fans from the Spanish, French, Portuguese and Italian fandoms.

Last update according to the "What's new" section is from September 2009. The page stayed online until at least March 2018, when the hosting expired.

In May 2023 it was announced that the archive would be moving to the Archive of Our Own as an Open Doors Project.[2]

Site Content


Example of WinAmp skin made by Stayka
  • Fanfics by Stayka: A list of fics made by Stayka and some translations in French and Spanish
  • Fanfics by fellow authors in English: A list of fanfiction and fanpoetry chosen by Stayka that she considered to be of enough quality to be displayed in her website. Other rules for fanfiction submissions included no yaoi, no PWP or Smut (adult content was allowed if it wasn't the main focus of the story) and no Mary Sues or self-inserts. Parody fics were specially welcome. Stayka added at the bottom of the submission guidelines that she was willing to bend the rules a bit if the story was outstanding except for the no PWP rule and her yaoi NOTPs.[3]
  • Fanfics by fellow authors in other languages: Same guidelines applied.
  • Stayka's fanart: Stayka's tarot deck, computer graphics, fanfic illustrations, art trades, kiriban art, watercolor paintings, B'tX fanart and fun stuff.
  • Stayka's Wallpapers: Wallpapers made by her with images from the series and fanarts. It also had a few Lost Canvas and B'tX wallpapers.
  • Fanart by fellow artists: Fanart could be submitted to Stayka's via e-mail.[4]
  • Doujinshi: Fancomics by fellow authors
  • Sims Designs: Skins for the game The Sims 2.

Images, info, music and links

It contained an archive for screenshots arranged by character. The whole archive could be downloaded in a 368MB zip file. The info from the series is partially in German. The links section was extense and contained all kinds of Saint Seiya related links, from personal archives to character shrines, mailing lists and newsletters.


In May 2023, it was announced that Stayka's Saint Seiya Archive would be moving to the Archive of Our Own as an Open Doors Project.[5]


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