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Fan Club
Name: Star Trek Fans for Peace (out of Maryland)
Dates: around 1986
Founder(s): T.J. Burnside and Lee Heller
Country based in:
Focus: politics
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Star Trek Fans for Peace (STFFP) was a group founded by two Star Trek fans. Its goal was to work towards nuclear disarmament.

The group published at least two newsletters, the second of which was published within the pages of SocioTrek #2.

page one of the second newsletter, 1987, click to read
page two of the second newsletter, 1987, click to read

Reactions and Reviews

At least one fan, while having no argument with the goal, did not support this effort:
Today I received yet another flyer asking for a donation to ST Fans for Peace and wish to protest, on behalf of myself and however few others share my sentiments, the apparent assumption that no one can respond to the ideals of ST without also supporting this project. evaluate. The notion that all ST fans 'ought" to offer support just because some have elected to associate ST with this march reveals incomprehension of IDIC, and the implication that fans as a group are more enlightened, unified, or pacific than the rest of the population encourages an 'Us-and-them" mentality that is contrary to the purpose of any peace movement. First, I resent all of the 'Unsolicited solicitations" I've received since beginning to buy zines. If I haven't sent someone an inquiry or prior order, my privacy is invaded by such mailings, and I only wish I knew where certain parties obtained my address. Second, since free ads are available in UT, repeated requests from STFFP seem coercive attempts to nag people into contributing to something they've already had opportunity to Third, I'm all for promoting global peace through education, mediation, interaction, and example, but fail to see any substance behind the vaunted symbolism the march supposedly represents. So, a crowd gathers beneath a flag; what practical effect will this have? Will it alter the basic duality of human nature? Every person/state exhibits creative and destructive behaviors. Leaders have always possessed the power to massacre, and whether a hundred or a billion die, is there a qualitative difference in the consequent agony endured by individuals? Did I have at my disposal all the thousands of dollars and man-hours, plus the admitted enthusiasm, that STFFP hopes to generate, I'd think it better spent to establish more open commerce and communication among nations, interdependence being the best deterrent to warfare. [1]


  1. from a personal statement in Universal Translator #30