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Name: Stacey
Alias(es): Phat Girl, phatgirlfics, phatphatkitty
Type: fan writer, moderator, convention organizer, BNF
Fandoms: Harry Potter
URL: phat girl's fan fiction (author page, Wayback Machine capture)
phatphatkitty at LiveJournal (now locked), previously phatgirlfics
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Stacey (aka phatgirlfics, later phatphatkitty) was a Harry Potter fan and a member of The Inner Circle.

Stacey was involved in many, many controversies. Stacey was discussed at length in the 2006 post by Aja: Me & CC; or, BNFs do not have more fun.

Stacey abruptly resigned from FictionAlley and stepped away from fandom in August 2002, but was later involved in organizing Convention Alley in 2004.

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