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Name: Spoiler Slayer
Owner/Maintainer: Tensai
Dates: April 2001 - August 2004
Type: Spoiler site
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel the Series, Dead Like Me, Tru Calling, Wonderfalls
URL: www.spoilerslayer.com
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Spoiler Slayer was a site devoted to providing accurate spoilers and news for several television series. The Spoiler Slayer is credited with coining the term Little Bad to describe minor Buffyverse villains, in Tensai's analysis of Buffyverse season arcs.[1]

The site was shutdown following cease and desist notices from Fox. See Spoiler Slayer retires due to legal issues concerning spoilers thread at Whedonesque for fan reaction to this news.


In July of 2004, the site received a Cease and Desist from Fox representatives over the spoilers that had been posted for Season Two of Tru Calling. The content in question was immediately removed, but a few weeks later a second letter was received insisting that further, unspecified, changes be made.

Without knowing exactly what offense the site was committing, since all infringing material had already been removed, I took the site offline. Now that all the shows the site used to cover have either ended or been cancelled, I feel comfortable restoring the site in an archival format. The site will no longer actively cover these shows or spoilers for other shows. However, I felt an obligation to the fan community to restore the site as a reminder of the great times we had when the Whedonverse (and other shows) were airing on a weekly basis. Aside from this first page, the site is frozen in time from the moment it went down on August 21st, 2004. I have also added a disclaimer to make it very obvious that no copyright or trademark infringement is intended by myself or this site.

While my spoiler days may be over, I still want to take a moment to thank each and every person who ever visited, discussed, linked, or in general expressed their appreciation for the site. What originally was a small page that debunked false spoilers, turned into one of the top spoiler sites for the various shows that were covered. I should also thank all my sources over the years, not only were you a great source of information, but you never once let myself or the fans down.

It was a great run and I don't regret it for the world.

Tensai - The Spoiler Slayer April 2001 - August 2004

He Spoiled The Shows.... A Lot[2]


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