Spin of the Storm

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Title: Spin of the Storm
Author(s): picarats
Date(s): 05 July 2020
Length: 8,088 words
Genre: gen
Fandom: Alex Rider
External Links: Spin of the Storm (AO3)

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Spin of the Storm is an Alex Rider story by picarats.


When her best friend Felix Lester is assassinated without any sign as to why, Sabina Pleasure finds herself thrust into a world of espionage, techno-terrorism — and, most importantly, one where she is never too young to die. (Canon-divergent AU of Stormbreaker.)

John Crawley,” he said. “I represent the Royal & General Bank.”

“I don’t bank with you,” Sabina said blankly. She didn’t know anyone who used the Royal & General at all — she’d never even heard of it. “I think there might have been some kind of a mix-up.”

Recs and Reviews

This idea was inspired, the execution flawless, and I honestly do not know why this is not more popular. I know historically there has been some fandom antagonism towards Sabina, but I hope we can get over that because her character has a lot of potential and picarats seizes on it. And writes a stinkin’ good AU! And brings up the interesting question—if Alex hadn’t been so utterly alone, would MI6 still have been able to blackmail him into doing their work for them? Unfortunately for him, the answer is yes. One-shot but there is potential room for expansion (I could read an entire AU based on this concept!) Yassen the assassin doesn’t directly feature and I STILL love it. Mature, complete. One-shot canon-divergent AU covering the beginning of Stormbreaker.[1]