Spies and Recreation

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Title: Spies and Recreation
Author(s): Nanimok
Date(s): 10 August 2020
Length: 8,287 words
Genre: slash
Fandom: Alex Rider
External Links: Spies and Recreation (AO3)

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Spies and Recreation is Yassen/Alex story by Nanimok.

Summary: “I’m pretty sure this is Gregorovich’s midlife crisis,” Smithers says to the camera. He counts his fingers. “A drastic career change. A new haircut. A boy half his age. You can bet that a shiny, brand-spanking new car is next. If he isn't already spanking the boytoy, that is.” (Mockumentary AU)

Recs and Reviews

MI6 allows a documentary film crew in their base of operations, where they get a firsthand glimpse at the unique relationship between their teen prodigy and the terrifying assassin he managed to convince to work for MI6. Laugh-out-loud funny, an awesome concept executed really, really well (Nanimok is a genius.) Alex is a total himbo and it works. Teen, complete. AU, not sure exactly how old Alex is but he is of age.[1]