Spicy Airship Stories

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Title: Spicy Airship Stories
Publisher: The Secret Adventures of Jules Verne Fan Club
Editor(s): Susan M. Garrett
Date(s): May 2002
Medium: print
Fandom: The Secret Adventures of Jules Verne
Language: English
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cover may be by Ann Larimer

Spicy Airship Stories is an adult het and slash digest-sized The Secret Adventures of Jules Verne anthology.

sample page

The cover is by Ann Larimer (?).



  • Adventure in an Airship by an English Lady (4)
  • Clove Bud by Odensdisir (Rebecca/Phileas) (10)
  • A Night Off by Gerty McHenry (Passpartout) (20)
  • Rules of Engagement by Ms. Joan Sanders (Jules) (24)
  • A Truffling Matter by Marielle d'Ablis (Passpartout) (31)
  • Season of Change by Odensdisir (Rebecca/Duke Angelo Rimini) (50)


  • Unregrettable by Miss Marten (Jules/Phileas) (73)
  • Risk by Polly Anne Morris (Jules/Phileas) (80)
  • Scientific Inquiry by Polly Anne Morris (Jules/Phileas) (90)
  • Further Adventures (92)