Special Men (Professionals story)

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Title: Special Men
Author(s): Sineala
Date(s): September 18, 2010
Length: 24,830
Genre: AU. slash, Bodie/Doyle
Fandom: The Professionals. Harry Potter
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"Special Men" is a The Professionals story by Sineala. It is a slash story with the pairing of Bodie/Doyle. This story is a crossover or fusion story. It is set in the Harry Potter universe but none of the Harry Potter canon characters appear in it. This story was posted as part of the 2010 CI5 Box of Tricks big bang.

Author's Summary: "It is 1975, the height of the First Wizarding War, and Voldemort's reign of terror has spread far and wide. His followers, the Death Eaters, have begun cursing and killing Muggles. As CI5's brief includes domestic terrorism, the responsibility for stopping Voldemort falls on them -- but this is not a fight they can win without magic. For this reason, Ray Doyle, an Auror, is transferred from the Ministry of Magic to join CI5, as its first and only wizard. But his abilities must remain secret from his fellow agents, including Bodie, his new partner. But Bodie seems to have a few secrets of his own, and it especially doesn't help that Bodie is so damned attractive.."


This story was reviewed by LilyK aka sc_fossil on Crack Van on February 27, 2011:

"If anybody would have said somebody could write a story set in the Harry Potter universe with Bodie and Doyle, I would have said they were crazy. Well, guess what? Somebody did and it's fabulous! Not really a crossover so much as a fusion of the Harry Potter setting with a Professionals era London. It takes a talented writer to pull this off and pull it off brilliantly. I'd never read a Harry Potter story before other than the first two official books, so a small knowledge of that universe through any of the books or films is all one needs to enjoy this story."