Spaced Out (zine)

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Title: Spaced Out
Publisher: out of Cleveland Heights, OH
Editor(s): Geoff Beckman
Medium: print
Genre: gen
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS, science fiction
Language: English
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Spaced Out is a Star Trek: TOS and science fiction zine published by Geoff Beckman.

cover of issue #2

"Who Am I?"

From issue #2:

Well, I've gotten the fish-eye from my friends when I tell them what I'm doing, so let me explain how and why I do this mag.

First, I'm almost a no one in the field of fanac, which is due to two things. One, I got interested in sf about 1 year ago, and Two, I don't go out into the fan circles too much. But, I have roughly three hundred magazines, and roughly ninety books in paperback and fifty in hard or the softbound. (283, 86, and 42 for those nosey ones) I have been working in journalism for four years, and I've been writing for six years. Considering that I'm fifteen, that's a pretty impressive record.

Now about my fanzine in general. I type it, and xerox it afterwards. This is sort of expensive, not to mention embarrassing, but I won't risk a bundle, and I can't do it any other way. This is probably the reason I put all these ads in. What I'm trying to say is — I NEED MONEY! I don't work enough as is, and I'm not nipping into my savings for what may be best described as a masochistic venture. I'd appreciate help.


Issue 1

Issue 2

Spaced Out 2 was published in July/August 1975 and contains 4 pages.

The editor say that beginning with the fourth issue:

... I'll be printing a survey of the leading sf authors in the field today. These will be chosen at the editor's whim, until the results of the great author poll results come in. But, in case that happy occasion never happens, you can be a privilaged [sic] one who got the survey. I will send it to anyone who asked for it, and who encloses a subscription to SPACED OUT for 48 issues for $3.50.

In this survey, you will get all the info I can get at the moment, including mailing addresses, misspellings, typewriter screw-ups, and all of the information that wasn't available when I went to press. PLUS, I'll personally update you on the latest happening[s] of various authors.

This may be the last time I put this ad in, so I suggest you take advantage now.

From "STF??":

I've been out of touch in the area of AMAZING magazines for a while, but I was shocked to discover that Ted White and Forrest Ackerman are urging us to return to the past by using that ancient term for sf, scientifiction. I have just one question to ask -- WHY?? That term is on par with sci-fi as a term for sf. It is my humble opinion that we should leave the past alone, and stick to the term sf, or if you must be innovative, speculative fantasy. First, of all, scientifiction is clumsy, it took me almost an hour to get my tongue to say it correctly. Second, it looks moronic. Sft indeed. Third, we'll have to give up the nice and easy esseff for a cold steff. [1] Fourth, why do we need a change? It seems to me that that is just a change for change's sake, and who needs that?

  • Beckman Goofs Again (The address for the Star Trek Welcommittee in the last issue was incorrect, and Beckman prints the right one. "Please give a month or two for delivery, and don't be a moron and write to the wrong address. Thank you.")
  • STF??, essay by Beckman about this new term
  • Time for a Change, article by Beckman (subject is time travel)
  • A Book Rap Session
  • the editor's list of his favorite 51 sf authors of all time: (47 men, 4 women)
  • Mysticon 1, a review of a local con (boring, speakers who were awkward or "just dumb," people selling stupid stuff)
  • A Look at the Competition: very short reviews of two zines, "Universe" (Keith Justice) and "Space and Time" (Gordon Linzner)
  • Profile: Who Am I? by Beckman
  • Tourist Trap, fiction by Beckman (original science fiction)


  1. ^ "We'll have to give up the nice and easy esseff for a cold steff." -- Beckman was explaining that the pleasant sounding "esseff" (sf) will become the unattractive "steff" (stf).