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Vid Collection
Title: Songtape Collection by Cybel (used here), the original collections may not have had a title
Vidder(s): Cybel Harper
Date: 1995 (for these versions, earlier versions began in 1992)
Format: originally VCR
Fandom (s): multifandom

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In the 1990s, Cybel created several songtape multifandom collections. There were originally 4 tapes released each year between 1992 and 1994. In 1995 she combined the tapes into two volumes.

First Tape

The first tape included four Miami Vice vids, six B7, thirteen Pros, three S&H, one Mann and Machine, two Sherlock Holmes, six QL, two ST:TOS, one Simon and Simon, one Forever Knight, one mixed and one Ladder of Swords. All of these vids were made by 1992 or earlier.

  • B7 "Can't Stop Me Loving You"
  • B7 "So Into You"
  • B7 "Why Do Fools Fall In Love"
  • K/S "All Of a Sudden"
  • Mixed "I'm Only In It For the Love"
  • Pros "Being Alive"
  • Pros "Foreign Affair"
  • Pros "Heart Of Stone"
  • Pros "I Don't Mind the Thorns (If You're the Rose)"
  • Pros "It's a Sin"
  • Pros (Ladder Of Swords) "Gypsy Wind"
  • Pros "Nothing's Going To Harm You" - Barbra Streisand
  • Pros "Save the Best For Last"
  • Pros "True Colors"
  • Pros "Under the Gun"
  • S&H "Like a Fire In Your Heart" (1995 re-edit)
  • S&H "Something To Talk About"
  • S&H "You May Be Right (I May Be Crazy)"
  • S&S "Along the Road"

Reactions and Reviews: Collection 1

I found that I liked most all of her vids, even in the fandoms I don't follow, which is unusual, because usually, I'll watch a minute or two, say "That probably is good, if I was more familiar with the characters" and fastforward. But there were only a couple that I did that for - and considering how many vids can be packed onto a 2-hour tape, that's quite an accomplishment. To me, they conveyed emotion, humor or told a story, just like they were supposed to. Wow, what a concept! A lot had to do with the music choices - I was familiar with most all and for the most part, I felt the song choice went well with the fandom.... There's something for everyone on this tape, I think. The vids were both emotionally satisfying and very well edited. [1]

Second Tape

The contents of her second songtape collection (also offered in 1995):

  • B7 - "Bad Company (made before June 1993)
  • B7 - "Crimson and Crystal" (made before June 1993)
  • B7 - "Hero Takes a Fall" (made between June 1993-Oct 1994)
  • B7 - "The Chain" (made before June 1993)
  • Crying Game - "Love Resurrection" (made between June 1993-Oct 1994)
  • DS - "Seeing You Again"
  • FK - "Living On the Edge Of the Night" (made between June 1993-Oct 1994)
  • KF:TLC -"Last Song"
  • K/S -"Night and Day"
  • Lost Boys - "I Love the Night (The Ecstasy Of Flight)" (made by or before 1992)
  • Mann & Machine - "Little Miss Dangerous" (made before June 1993)
  • MV - "Cuts Both Ways"
  • MV - "It's a Jungle Out There" (made before June 1993)
  • MV - "Just Another Day
  • MV - "One Night In Bangkok (made before June 1993)
  • Pros - "Cover Me" (made between June 1993-Oct 1994)
  • Pros - "Easy To Be Hard - cast album of "Hair" (made before June 1993)
  • Pros - "Not Made of Steel" (made between June 1993-Oct 1994)
  • Pros - "Turn It On"
  • QL - "Along the Road" (made between June 1993-Oct 1994)
  • QL - "Circle Game" (made between June 1993-Oct 1994)
  • QL - "Homeless Heart" (made between June 1993-Oct 1994)
  • QL - "Poor, Poor, Pitiful Me" (made between June 1993-Oct 1994)
  • QL - "Walk Like a Man" (made before June 1993)
  • QL - "Wishful Thinking" (made before June 1993)
  • S&H - "Secret"
  • S&H -"Bright Eyes"
  • SH - "The Wind Beneath My Wings (made between June 1993-Oct 1994)
  • SH - "Trouble Me" (made before June 1993)
  • Star Trek - "Night and Day" (made between June 1993-Oct 1994)
  • XF - "It's Over Now"

Reactions and Reviews: Collection 2

My favorite vids from this tape are] "The Chain" (B7), "It's a Jungle Out There" (MV), "Hero Takes a Fall" (B7) and my absolute fave is "Seeing You Again" (DS). The latter is still my favorite DS vid even though the last stanza of the song doesn't work. Other MV vids are "One Night in Bangkok" and "Just Another Day". There's a case of strange coincidence: I remember being at a con where two different versions of "Just Another Day" to MV was premiered."[2]

"I just love the vid to "Seeing You Again" (Cybel Harper). Even with the last part of the song sort of losing that perfect feel and match to the episode, it's still my fav of any vid for this series so far. [3]


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